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Make Money By Leaving Your   Computer On And If You Don't I Will Double Your Money Back   

Before I discovered this system I did not think it possible to earn money without doing a thing, but NO!! I found it to be more than possible, It is simply fantastic. I have been leaving my pc on/off for the last WEEK and can honestly say that I have made over $150

You will have seen this package for sale elsewhere on eBay, all the claims made from everybody selling it are


They are not lying to you

They're just not telling you everything or they don't know everything.

What they haven't told you is that you're earning potential is limited per day because of what is called the 1500 click limit.

I'll show you how to get around this limit and keep your earnings rising 24 hours a day and not just 4 hours a day.

This COMPLETE Software Package is the only way of making easy money from your computer.

Once Set Up You Just Need To Do .....


Except maybe keep an eye out to make sure that it's still making you money and of course, checking your balance.

This is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme.

But you can make some real money slowly.

You won't become a millionaire.

But in time you could earn a nice little sum just in time for Christmas perhaps, or that "rainy day".

You won't have to sell anything to anybody.

But you could give the information away for free if that's what you want to do, and make even more money.

You won't have to invest any money apart from what you have paid today on this site, ever.

But you will get this back, believe me.

You won't have to "Get People To Buy" from you or recruit anybody.

But you will want to tell your friends, I've told mine.

It is not a scam.

If it was I'd have deleted this from my PC without a doubt.

It is not a Pyramid scheme, Multi - Level Marketing or a Matrix scheme.

I've tried all these and they don't work - this does.

Don't forget, this is the complete Software package And You will not need to visit any other sites or download anything from anywhere to get started. Unlike many other that are Selling this idea. Most are just giving you links.

This will take you



and it won't cost you a


Track your income in real time.

You never have to pay anything at any time, no subscriptions, no fees


You will need to:

Be able to follow instructions accurately

Leave Your PC or laptop connected to the internet for a few hours - the longer you leave it on, the more you earn

And that's it! The system works from ANYWHERE in the world. It is absolutely legal and works in the background earning you money while you go about your normal day

You will be redirected to the system upon successful payment. You will start earning money immediately.

You will need 15 minutes to set the system up.

You only have to do this once.

Then leave your computer on.

This software package enables you to earn money via the internet. Included in this software package is a website with access to pay per click search engines. These pay per click search engines pay people to surf their web sites to gain more traffic so that they can compete with bigger search engines such as Google, yahoo and MSN. If you were to click all 21 websites manually, it would take rather a long time to earn any sort of money.

Here's what's so GREAT !, included in this auction is a program that can surf all 21 websites at once in 6 separate windows producing around 1500 clicks per 4 hours depending on your connection speed. This earns you more than clicking these websites manually and means that you can just leave it on earning you money while you do other things.

It does not interfere with your internet connection and will not make your computer run any slower than it already does. This program is not spyware, adware or a virus and this can be verified with tests on it done by Norton Internet Security 2004. and what's more, your earnings are unlimited !

I have had it running for some time now and have not had any problems.

The only thing you have to remember is to leave your PC connected to the internet. This is crucial. The longer you leave it on, the more you earn. It is simple as that !!

But dont get worried, If you switch off the PC, you simply run the software again and you're off earning money again. THAT SIMPLE

With Broadband or dial-up , Either way you earn money for simply being online, of course broadband makes it a little faster.



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